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March 2015 (published: 16.03.2015)

Number 1(20)

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Economics and Environmental Management

New concept of research of modern economic system Alexeeva N.A.

pp. 1-4

Innovation environment as a significant factor in the formation of an innovative economy: an institutional approach Vakhrushev D.S.

pp. 5-8

Development of factoring and forfeiting operations to improve the efficiency of the economy and business in Russia Vitsko E.A.

pp. 9-17

Environmental, economic and social aspects of the domestic backbone enterprises’ functioning as a factor of sustainable development at the territories Kustikova M.A., Vossina A.E.

pp. 18-27

Methodological basis for the formation of a typology managerial innovations Davidovsky F.N.

pp. 28-36

Organizational methods and mechanisms of scenario management of higher education institutions in the region Dibrovа J.N.

pp. 37-47

Efficiency of a firm social package: opinion of employees Dolgopolova I.V.

pp. 48-54

Methodicalsupportofdevelopmentof innovative industrial development strategy of the Corporation Dorzhieva E.L.

pp. 55-60

Methodology of ecological and technological norm setting of load to environment within territorial natural technical complex Zhilnikova N.A.

pp. 61-67

Topical issues of regulation of waste production and consumption Nikolaev A.V., Zhuzhoma I.N.

pp. 68-75

Role of natural resources in the sustainable development of the region Zatonskiy A.V., Sirotina N.A.

pp. 76-79

Traditional approach to essence and the role of real and financial sectors of economy Zueva O.A.

pp. 80-89

Using outsourcing for Innovative technologies distribution in social sphere Kaplina Y.E. , Nikolaeva E.R. , Zhebalov V.G.

pp. 90-96

The phenomenon of corporate culture: diagnostic status and methods of change Kovalenko B.B. , Semenchenko T.V.

pp. 97-103

Branch information and education space as factor of development of a tourist and recreational zone Kornejchuk B.V. , Volkova E.S.

pp. 104-112

Development of public-private partnership in the region: organizational legal mechanism Kochetkova S.A.

pp. 113-120

Tax risk as an integral part of business risk Laskina L.Y., Vlasova M.S.

pp. 121-130

Integration problems of the educational system and the labor market for the creation of employees for the innovative Russian economy Maximova T.G., Minasyan A.R.

pp. 131-139

The problem of clearance and disposal of radioactive waste Markitanova L.I.

pp. 140-146

Analysis of change of cost of food in the Russian Federation Minchenko L.V., Galitskiy S.V.

pp. 147-154

Environmental externalities costs of the functioning of modern economic complex of the South of Russia Mitrofanova I.V. , Starokozheva G.N. , Mitrofanova I.А., Ivanov N.P.

pp. 155-167

Investment activity of russian enterprises Mikhalev O.V.

pp. 168-176

Actual problems of management of innovations at the enterprises of small business Mukhina T.N. , Minaichenkova E.I. , Filatov V. V.

pp. 177-187

Regional economic policy: new priorities in terms of foreign economic sanctions Tlisov A.B. , Rodionova E.V. , Ivanov N.P.

pp. 188-197

Ecological initiatives: social effect evaluation Rozhdestvenskaia N.V. , Boguslavskaya S. B.

pp. 198-205

A new phase of global development - intellectual front Rukina I.M.

pp. 206-212

Methodology of a quantitative assessment of the cumulative financial and economic damage from the corruption Rumyantseva E.E. , Ter-Ovsepyan S.V.

pp. 213-219

Mechanisms for the effective functioning of the University in modern conditions Petropavlova G.P., Silakova L.V.

pp. 220-227

Dynamics of construction waste recycling in Saint-Petersburg Skochikhina T.V.

pp. 228-238

The Results of Environmental Investigation of Waste Water Facilities for Production of Aluminum Beverages for Containers Ulyanov. N.B., Tomilov S.B., Kleimenova M.E., Semina G.A., Smirnova S.V., Ilyinykh K.V., Schultz A.A.

pp. 239-246

Current status and trends of innovation sectoral economic systems in industrialized countries Filatov V. V.

pp. 247-257

The Economic Behavior of Insurance Market Participants in Relation to Unemployment Insurance: A Sociological Approach Yakovleva A.V.

pp. 258-264

The future application of new sorption materials for improving the ecological condition of water resources Yamansarova E.T. , Gromyko N.V. , Кhasanova D.N., Abdullin M.I.

pp. 265-270

Institutional analysis of the concepts of entrepreneurship Broslavsky V.A., Aleksov N.V.

pp. 271-276

Innovation processes in the economy: a retrospective analysis of the concepts Aleksandrova A.I.

pp. 277-285

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