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March 2015 (published: 16.03.2015)

Number 1(20)

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Environmental externalities costs of the functioning of modern economic complex of the South of Russia

Mitrofanova I.V. , Starokozheva G.N. , Mitrofanova I.А., Ivanov N.P.

The article explores the issues of heterogeneity of economic development of subjects of the southern Federal district, analyzes the impact of economic activity on main indicators of pollution, which largely determine the quality of the natural environment. The diversity of the economy largely determines the characteristic features of the impact of human activities on the environment in each subject (regions) of the Russian South. Spontaneous structural and technological changes, as a result of the commitment of the regions to achieve market competitive advantages, accompanied by inter-sectoral imbalances, significantly complicate the practical implementation of target programs of ecological-economic orientation. The article provides an assessment of air quality, recorded discharges of entities by contaminated wastewater, examines trends in waste production and consumption in the subjects of the Southern Federal district, most of which belong to the type of old industrial regions. The authors believe that the sustainable development of the mixed economy of Southern Russia needs measures of systemic nature, aimed at the rational use of resources in the process of managing and preserving the environment that requires correction of the district and regional strategies and programs for socio-economic development. That is now the priority of strategic territorial management, which involves the modernization of the economic complex of the Southern Federal district, taking into account the environmental imperative. It is becoming increasingly evident the necessity of a transformation of the Federal districts into territorial centers for economic development, characterized by the economic space of a higher quality.
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Keywords: region, Southern Federal district, economic complex, heterogeneity of economic development, diversity of the economy, structural and technological shifts, environmental externalities, technologically obsolete enterprises, pollution of territories, negative impact, environment.

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