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March 2015 (published: 16.03.2015)

Number 1(20)

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UDC 338.12.015

Analysis of change of cost of food in the Russian Federation

Minchenko L.V., Galitskiy S.V.

In the article the analysis of changes in the prices of food in connection with the imposition of economic sanctions by the USA and EU countries. Dynamics of prices for fruits and vegetables, revealed the main reasons for price. Are the three main factors of changes in the value of sugar sand. The overall growth of meat production in the Russian Federation. The reaction of producers of meat on the imposition of sanctions and the amount of growth in pigs and poultry, as well as reducing beef production. The main areas of growing buckwheat and the results of the harvest in 2014 compared to the previous year and the change in prices of major cereals in the shops in St. Petersburg. Creating favorable conditions for further growth of the dairy industry, the dynamics of prices for raw milk and dairy products in 2013-2014. A brief analysis of the sharp increase of prices for wine and sparkling beverages.
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Keywords: analysis of prices, food, economic sanctions, increase, producers of meat, dairy industry, the main cereals, wine.

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