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December 2016 (published: 12.12.2016)

Number 4(27)

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Methodical approaches to economic modeling of the common minerals effective transport range Peshkova G.Yu.

pp. 1-6

Questions of economy, efficiency of public administration The nature and main key towards effective state investment policy Vladimirov S.A.

pp. 7-18

Analysis of evolution of the concept «cluster». Approaches to classification Kolesnikov A.M. , Khazaliya N.A.

pp. 19-25

Methods of creation and the analysis of the network schedule for assessment of innovative capacity of the enterprise on the basis of KPI Shikov P.A.

pp. 26-36

Trading topos in the space of digit: the ultimate expression of globalization Shestakova I.G.

pp. 37-43

Organizational and legal peculiarities of regulation of the valuation of the property complex Goncharuk O.V., Leyman E.N.

pp. 44-48

Management. Environmental management

Regulatory, technical and organizational support of the technical university project management Antokhina Y.A. , Fokina Z.A.

pp. 49-56

The development of a competitive private sector as the direction of the state anti-corruption strategy Panzabekova A.Zh. , Zhanbozova A.B.

pp. 57-64

Analysis of existing methods to inform management decisions under conditions of risk and uncertainty Chernykh D.S.

pp. 65-69

The importance of quality management system in companies Usik N.I., Belokurov A.E. , Novitskaya Anna V.

pp. 70-77

Waste management industry designing based on Technological Cycle of municipal solid waste Ozerova Е.М. , Khilchenko G.V.

pp. 78-87

Yamal LNG: new risks and opportunities of Russian energy sector in the Arctic Negreeva V.V., Abarkina D.V.

pp. 88-94

The concepts of resource efficiency and corporate environmental responsibility: a brief overview of the ERREC intensive week in St. Petersburg Sergienko O.I., Dinkelaker N.V. , Arrevaara E. , Kärnä P. , Sammalisto K. , Jonsson D. , Sorvary J. , Serkkola A.

pp. 95-101

The assessment of the efficiency of energy crops production as a biofuel sources Rodzkin A.I., Shabanov A.A. , Rodzkin A.A.

pp. 102-110

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