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December 2016 (published: 12.12.2016)

Number 4(27)

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UDC 33

Waste management industry designing based on Technological Cycle of municipal solid waste

Ozerova Е.М. , Khilchenko G.V.

Russian Federation is the one of the wealthiest country in the world by quantity of natural resources. Export of raw materials makes economics of the country on a stability level, in despite of crisis. The most of people who understand economics of the government, know that is making economics on a stability level is temporary, before huge economic crisis. In despite of pessimistic forecast of economists, our country is still the wealthiest country in the world and has a huge potential of industry development, and raw second materials market, what is written down in the article. There are cheap primary resources in the country as gas and oil, and we have forgotten about cheaper as waste. There is about 200 million tons of waste appears per year. There are an opportunity to sell about 80 % of waste after Technological Cycle by 60 thousand rubles per ton. It is about 10 trillion rubles of potential revenue per year. This area presents a huge investment and innovative potential as for the government, business and population.
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Keywords: the address with waste, production wastes and consumption, solid municipal waste, secondary resources, the market of secondary resources, secondary materials, secondary raw materials, transportation of waste, sorting of waste, processing of waste, recycling, placement of waste, processing of waste, drawing into economic circulation of secondary resources.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2016-9-4-78-87

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