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December 2016 (published: 12.12.2016)

Number 4(27)

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UDC 574:573:621.311

The assessment of the efficiency of energy crops production as a biofuel sources

Rodzkin A.I., Shabanov A.A. , Rodzkin A.A.

The interest for production of energy crops, which biomass may be used as renewable fuel have been grown in 70 years of last century after dramatically rising price of fossil fuels. The energy crops growing have been also stimulated by environmental factors and approval some International political initiatives, like White Paper for a Community Strategy and Action Plan and The Kyoto protocol. After some decreasing, the area of energy crops in EU and North America countries are stabilized. The biggest area in Europe is occupied by fast growing willow. The payback period for startup costs depends of the biomass using. In the case of replacement gas for wood the simple payback period for company will be 3,8 years, and discounted payback period – 4,7 years, or first harvesting of willow biomass. In the case of direct selling of wood to companies the payback period for startup costs will increase to 6-11 year, or second and even third harvesting of willow biomass. The cost price of energy from willow biomass lowers to compare to other energy crops, but higher to compare to cereal straw, and natural wetlands biomass. Nevertheless, interest to willow plantations is supported by high nature protection potential of trees.
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Keywords: biofuel, energy crops, market, cost price, payback period.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2016-9-4-102-110

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