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June 2015 (published: 01.06.2015)

Number 2(21)

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Information as non-material factor of economic growth Selishcheva T.A. , Kan E.N.

pp. 1-8

The evolution of scientific and practical Ideas about the nature and content corporate entrepreneurial organizations Kovalenko B.B. , Sidorova L.V.

pp. 9-16

Overcoming the economic crisis through a new path of regional technology-driven development Boyko I.V.

pp. 17-23

The Innovative Process and its Information Support Koroleva E.V.

pp. 24-34

The concept of social entrepreneurship and the distinctive features of social entrepreneurs Makarchenko M.A., Antonov A.A.

pp. 35-42

The innovation market industry economic system Filatov V. V.

pp. 43-53

Private and integral estimations of social development regions Dzhigkaev Z.F. , Emirova A.E.

pp. 54-60

The analysis schemes of offences in the use of plastic cards Kulikov N.I. , Sizov A.A.

pp. 61-69

The corruption counteraction as to the threat of the financial safety of the company Rumyantseva E.E.

pp. 70-76

Modeling of Growth Factors Value in the Recession Rasskazova A.N.

pp. 77-84

Potential of innovative development of small pred-prinimatelstva in the Samara region Porotkin E.S.

pp. 85-91

Updating approaches to mitigate regional disparities (for example, the subjects of the southern macro-region) Mitrofanova I.V. , Mitrofanova I.А., Starokozheva G.N. , Shatyrko A.V.

pp. 92-101

Formation of the competitive factors of industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan in modern conditions Dusembekova Zh.M. , Zhanbozova A.B.

pp. 102-115

The international experience of pension provision and pension system reformation of the Russian Federation Vasilenok V.L., Melnikov K.S.

pp. 116-125

Tax Reform of M.M. Speranskyin 1810: Close and Far Away Kopanev A.A. , Bykov V.A.

pp. 126-131


Actual problems of management of innovative activity of the enterprises Yablokova I.V. , Volkov S. D.

pp. 132-142

The development of regional industrial policy objectives and their harmonization with the objectives of economic development: methodological aspects Vetrova E.N., Rohchin V.E. , Lapochkina L.V.

pp. 143-152

Management of innovative development of the economy of Russian regions Usik N.I.

pp. 153-163

Design of professional jurisdictions of worker forming within the framework of regional industrial cluster Perminova O.M.

pp. 164-172

Characteristics of the competitive advantages of the border territories in the context of marketing places Shapiro N.A.

pp. 173-183

Actual problems of management of innovative activity of the enterprises Mukhina T.N. , Minaichenkova E.I. , Filatov V. V.

pp. 184-193

The Technology and Innovation Support Center for the effective management of innovation Bogdanova E.L.

pp. 194-200

The marketing concept of the innovative enterprises Chudesova G.P.

pp. 201-207

Mergers and Acquisitions as a Tool of Industrial Corporate Governance Sergeeva I.G., Cypluhina D.G.

pp. 208-214

The centralized and decentralized strategies and methods of management of small business Negreeva V.V., Aleksashkina E.I., Aleksashkin Y.N.

pp. 215-223

The provision of the increasing quality of medical services using the improvement of Dental Clinic's crisis management Petropavlova G.P., Petrov K.V.

pp. 224-233

Reform of higher education in Russia Federation Palchikov A.N., Gromtsev A.S.

pp. 234-241

Agerial decisions in Russian education system in current economic conditions Gorshkova S.B.

pp. 242-252

Scientific and methodological support of regional mechanisms scenario control of higher education institutions Dibrovа J.N.

pp. 253-266

Formation of Kazakhstan’s public administration system Kemel M., Shaikenova K.

pp. 267-277

(ОТОЗВАНА 13.09.2019) Трансформация менеджмента как результат воздействия новых информационных технологий на современное общество и экономику Brazevich D.S. , Gerasimova A.Yu., Zavaritskaya O.V.

pp. 278-289


The role of local governments in the implementation of the enterprise's environmental policy Vossina A.E. , Kustikova M.A.

pp. 290-301

The sources of new economy’s formation in the light of integrative energy and ecological strategy Melokumov E.V.

pp. 302-311

The water balance calculation and its features on example enterprise General unitary enterprise «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» Treiman M.G. , Yudin A.P.

pp. 312-321

Ecological - economic aspects of management resource conservation on the basis of renewable energy Didikov А.Е.

pp. 322-339

The economic and analytical evaluation of the market foods with a balanced composition Aret V.A., Alexeev G.V., Aksenova O.I. , Baychenko A.A.

pp. 340-347

Economic and ecological aspects of the use of geothermal heat pumps Nikitin А. А., Krylov V. А., Ryabova T.V. , Novitskaya Anna V.

pp. 348-357

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