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MARCH 2013 (published: 10.03.2013)

Number 1(12)

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Areas for improvement of the system of administrative management in Russia Ananiev A.A.

pp. 1

Calculation of economic efficiency of implementation complex-mechanized lines manufactured by sweet straws Andreev A.N.

pp. 2

The use of fuzzy sets on the platform of the program Matcad in the price development of the food processing industry product Baychenko A.A., Vasilenok V.L.

pp. 3

Intrasectoral directions of restructuring of the food industry Beketova O.N.

pp. 4

Anti-corruption mechanisms in system of state regulation Bykov V.N.

pp. 5

Problems of anti-corruption policy of the state in the conditions of expansion of scales of shadow sector of economy Bykov V.N.

pp. 6

Law-enforcement activity as the state service: fighting with organized crime and corruption Bykov V.N.

pp. 7

Development of business and its factors defining Vasilenok V.L., Aleksashkina E.I.

pp. 8

Implications of acceding Russia to the World Trade Organization for domestic producers Vetrova E.N., Inkova G.V.

pp. 9

Capital stock and assets of trade organizations Gorbunov I.O.

pp. 10

The labour and financial factors for new industrialization: the opportunities of using the national experience Gordeev A.A.

pp. 11

Cognitive capabilities of computer technology for monitoring hazards and health and safety in construction and other industries Gorohov V.L.

pp. 12

Development of Innovative Infrastructure IHiBT NIU ITMO based on a programmatic approach Dubrovin S.A.

pp. 13

How to utilize the watered fuel Evdokimov A.A., Kiss V.V.

pp. 14

Assessment of noise pollution of urban environment: the model and methods of increasing environmental safety Zaturanov J.N., Antipova T.N.

pp. 15

Modern types and trends in children's leisure services Zoricheva N.M.

pp. 16

Methods of the regulation factor to vagary world real and financial sector Zueva O.A.

pp. 17

Optimization of development of dairy branch enterprises Ivanovskaya L.S.

pp. 18

Analysis of assessment methods business entity human capital value Kastryulina Y.M.

pp. 19

Psychological specificity of contemporary Russian entrepreneur as competitive advantage Klochkova A.V.

pp. 20

Methodological basics of sustainable development of industry based on interrelatedness, interdependence and interaction strategic directions (by example of the fishing industry of Primorsky region) Klyuchnick Y.K.

pp. 21

President of the Russian Federation as guarantor of strengthening constitutional and competitive state Kolotilin A.V.

pp. 22

Modern legal and political system of Russia and its role in develop-ment of innovative economy: general characteristic Kolotilin A.V.

pp. 23

Development of environmental dairy product declaration Kopyltsova S.E.

pp. 24

Productivity of human labor, structural and reproductive performance in contemporary country's economy Kornyakov V.I., Alexeeva N.A.

pp. 25

Methodical approaches to improve the management of the economy at present Kudran A.B., Prishibilovich T.B.

pp. 26

Risk management through unemployment insurance Laskina L.Y., Yakovleva A.V.

pp. 27

innovatioOrganizational culture in the system of factors innovation potential of the organivation Makarchenko M.A., Antonov A.A.

pp. 28

Personnel innovative capacity in the system of innovative capacity of the organization Makarchenko M.A., Lopatin D.A.

pp. 29

Ensuring the implementation of the innovation process Makarchenko M.A., Alekseev V.S.

pp. 30

Methodological bases and the cost accounting peculiarities in Russian enterprises Mashkova Y.Y.

pp. 30

Problems of information logistics innovation Minko I.S., Кryaкov P.N.

pp. 32

Substantiation report about structures of innovation processes in industry Minko I.S., Sheshegov S.V.

pp. 33

Problems of labor market of workers Minchenko L.V.

pp. 34

Aspects of motivation of the personnel at the enterprises of the food industry Minchenko L.V., Pomnikov I.V.

pp. 35

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