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SEPTEMBER 2010 (published: 01.09.2010)

Number 2(7)

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Incorporated amortization cash desk as a factor to accelerate fixed capital reproduction Aksyonov D.V.

pp. 1

Analysis of innovative activity in organizations realizing technological innovations in the region Городова И.Б.

pp. 2

Science is a motive force of innovative development in the region Городова И.Б.

pp. 3

State defensive order in construction of military ships and its performance in view of vocational structure of workers Zheshko N.V.

pp. 4

Outsourcing: an attempt on theoretical description Kotliarov I.D.

pp. 5

Competitors’ marketing and competitors’ relations: cooperation as a way to market success Kotliarov I.D.

pp. 6

Improvement of diagnostic services in telemedicine using logistics Laskina L.Y., Dzhedzhelava E. I., Odintsov V.N.

pp. 7

Service industry organizational culture management: the functional aspect Loginova O.B.

pp. 8

Theory and methodology of money and monetary system researches Lioukevich I.N.

pp. 9

Formation and optimization of sale system on the basis of the system analysis Lyapunov A.D.

pp. 10

Influence of mesoeconomic factors on the culture of an enterprise Makarchenko M.A.

pp. 11

Organizational culture as a factor of development of innovation economics Makarchenko M.A., Lopatin D.A.

pp. 12

Influence of climatic fluctuations and their consequences on the economy, population health and comfort of its residence in the territory of Russia Sergeev A.A.

pp. 13

Correlation of climatic changes and insurance risks Sergeev A.A., Zolotareva N.I.

pp. 14

Basic principles and methodological aspects of foodstuffs eco-labeling Sergienko O.I.

pp. 15

Some orientations to improve the status of specially conserved natural territories in the North-West of Russian region Terentev V.I., Lopatin S.A., Luginin E.A.

pp. 16

Methodological aspects of a corporate control system of innovative processes Shamina L.K.

pp. 17

Renowned Soviet economist’s non-relevant outlook or whether a “Pekingese consensus” could be in Russia? Shapiro N.A.

pp. 18

Indices of innovation level assessment in food industry Sheshegov S.V.

pp. 19

Adaptation of capital value assessment model adjusted for Russian Federation tax legislation Yamaletdinova G. Kh.

pp. 20

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