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June 2024 (published: 06.06.2024)

Number 2(57)

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Baychenko L.A.

Work place:

Saint-Petersburg State University of information technologies, mechanics and optics; Institute of refrigeration and biotechnologies

Baychenko A.A., Aret V.A., Aret G.M., Baychenko L.A. Earth’s population upsurge and food technology evolution

The article was published in issue1 за 2010

Baychenko L.A., Baychenko A.A. Application of fuzzy sets in determination of the price of the prophylactic nectar “Vitanect”

The article was published in issue1 за 2012

Baychenko A.A., Baychenko L.A., Aret V.A. Application of fuzzy logic in the management of food industry enterprises

The article was published in issue3 за 2014

Lopatin S.A., Baychenko L.A., Terentev V.I., Belokurova E.S., Borisov L.M., Lopatina V.F. Health saving technologies – an effective measures to preserve and improve the health of university students

The article was published in issue2 за 2014

Lopatin S.A., Terentev V.I., Baychenko L.A. The protection of the water sources in Russia: the main stages, perspectives

The article was published in issue4 за 2015

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