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December 2017 (published: 20.12.2017)

Number 4(31)

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Assessment of the effectiveness of the housing policy implementation in the regions of Russia Guzikova L.A. , Plotnikova E.V. , Kolesnikov A.M.

pp. 3-15

Innovative model of personnel incentives Usik N.I., Kozin A. V.

pp. 16-23

The analysis of the relationship between the synthetic credit rating and the company's sustainability Laskina L.Y., Musalimov Victor M, Silakova L.V.

pp. 24-32

Expanded accumulation and reproduction of capital on the basis of innovation: an economic approach Ermoshina T.V.

pp. 33-38

The model of innovative development of Russian industrial enterprises in the conditions of resource constrains Vetrova E.N., Gladysheva I.V.

pp. 39-47

Information support of the analysis of effectiveness of functioning of the national innovative environment Melnichenko A.M.

pp. 48-53

Evaluation of the performance of automated trading systems based on non-parametric methods Sizova T.M. , Khomkov A.V. , Batova T.N.

pp. 54-63

Methods for assessing and managing risks on resource-supplying enterprise (for example, PJSC «TGC-1») Treiman M.G. , Varygina O.S.

pp. 64-73

Economic policy and functioning the Russian labor market in the conditions of crisis Alpatov G.Е., Bortnikova E.G.

pp. 74-83

The methods of forecasting of innovative potential of the national economy of Russia Zueva O.A., Kljuzhev N.A.

pp. 84-91

Social, environmental and economic factors for development of rural territories Chepurnykh N.V. , Merzlov A.V.

pp. 92-101

Monitoring of the effectiveness of recycling: tasks and organization Sausheva O.S.

pp. 102-109

Management. Environmental management

Business modeling – an instrument of competitivenessof an entrepreneurial organization Kovalenko B.B. , Amangeldiev K.B.

pp. 110-118

Cognitive management and innovative strategies Vasilenok V.L., Brazevich D.S. , Safronova Zh.S.

pp. 119-124

Particulars of cluster policy implementation for creating of organized recycling Zemskova E.S.

pp. 125-134

The prospects of development of system of the address with solid industrial wastes Sergienko O.I., Ivanova A.I. , Smaznova E.S. , Elistratova I.A.

pp. 135-148

Municipal waste management: the experience of development of the territorial scheme of waste management at the example of Velikiy Novgorod Ulyanov. N.B., Trushkina A.N.

pp. 149-158

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