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September 2015 (published: 14.09.2015)

Number 3(22)

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About main strategic direction effectively balance macroeconomic systems Vladimirov S.A.

pp. 1-9

Influence of a geopolitical factor on prospects of interregional interaction of border subjects of the South of Russia and Southeast of Ukraine Mitrofanova I.V. , Kotova L.A.

pp. 10-21

Sanctions against Russia. Analysis of the impact of the economic crisis on the retail trade Zakharova E.V. , Maier M.V.

pp. 22-27

The ideas of the theory of globalization and the views of its representatives in the field of Economics and management Nikiforov A.A.

pp. 28-34

The cyclical evolution of public procurement in Russia: what should we expect after the law on the contract system Khvalynskiy D.S.

pp. 35-41

Research of interrelation of potentials of the company: marketing potential, economic potential and market potential Akifeva V.A. , Batova T.N.

pp. 42-62

Sources of emergence and consequence of realization of threats of information security of the industrial enterprises Balanovskaya A.V.

pp. 63-75

Methodical questions of approbation premium systems at the enterprises of shipbuilding complex of the city Davidovsky F.N., Velichko E.A.

pp. 76-84

Institutions of state regulation of business in Russia Zaychenkov S.I. , Tserkasevich L.V.

pp. 85-92

Improvement of science and technologies as the priority directions of development of modern economy of Russia (on the example of activity of ITMO University) Malyavko D.P., Kolotilin A.V.

pp. 93-98

The effect of the vertical feedback of social reproduction Vakhrusheva N.A. , Kornyakov V.I.

pp. 99-105

Indicators, tendencies and factors of economic development of a business in the Russian Federation Mokhnatkina E.V. , Golubev A.A.

pp. 106-116

Continuum Group and Team organization in the modern enterprise Kovalenko B.B.

pp. 117-131

Usage of logarithmic function for constructing a sustainable development model of industrial companies Sergeeva I.G. , Dukhanina D.O.

pp. 132-142

Problems of providing economic security of the higher education at the present stage Plotnikov N.V.

pp. 143-150

About criteria of an assessment of national and economic Security the higher education Goncharuk O.V., Plotnikov N.V.

pp. 151-159

Post-industrial society and the impact of information flows on the quality of life Polatayko S.V. , Galimova A.M.

pp. 160-166


On the choice of the best of the two investment schemes enterprise with barycenter Ahtyamov A. M., Zinnatullin F.F.

pp. 167-178

Ecology underground transport facilities with different modes of vehicles movement Volkov A.P. , Sverdlov A.V. , Rykov S.V.

pp. 179-192

Design of effective system information security of the enterprise Volkodayevа A.V.

pp. 193-200

The regulation of the housing market with the help of cluster analysis Guzhova O.A.

pp. 201-209

The use of information system to ensure the quality examination of innovative projects Iskanderov Y.M. , Yakovleva A.V.

pp. 210-214

Restructuring as a form of allocative innovation on crisis enterprises Minchenko L.V., Моrzhova М.V.

pp. 215-220

The role of franchising in the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the region Musin U.R.

pp. 221-225

Macroeconomic analysis of the regulatory system the financial market in Russia Nikiforova V.D.

pp. 226-234

The Essence and Forms of Hostile Takeovers Proskura M.V., Yakovleva A.V.

pp. 235-235

From paper forms up to the newest forms of electronic payments Sizov A.A. , Kulikova M.A.

pp. 239-247

A balanced scorecard for analysis of business processes in retail Smirnov A.B.

pp. 248-253

The structure and the problem of organizing the innovation process Golubev A.A., Varlamov B.A.

pp. 254-261

Choice of information systems for control over business processes of the enterprise Vantsov A.A., Dzhedzhelava E. I.

pp. 262-272

Application of the «hot spot analyses» to improve management efficiency of the enterprise and determination of significant environmental problems Didikov А.Е., Alekseeva M.E.

pp. 273-282

Enterprise configuration: the structure and meaning for business organizations Kovalenko B.B. , Dolgova A.A.

pp. 283-297

Logistic priorities of management of economic communications at the enterprises of pulp and paper industry Klunko A.N.

pp. 298-305

Audit of business and concept of a broad view on an auditor profession Negreeva V.V., Aleksashkina E.I., Utkina E.Yu. , Kovalyov T.A.

pp. 306-315

Image of organization: conceptualizing approaches Kovaleva E.N.

pp. 316-330

The choice of strategy of business organization and the method of its implementation Kovalenko B.B. , Savushkin A.A.

pp. 331-341

The know-how protected as a result of intellectual activity of entrepreneurs Yablokova I.V. , Volkov S. D.

pp. 342-356

Environmental economics

The prognostic effectiveness of the implementation of hygienic model of organization of preventive work with the rural population Beregnoy V.G. , Novikova I.I., Erofeev Yu.V., Batuhtin I.V.

pp. 357-363

Features energy saving technology and thermal-oxidative deactivation of chlorinated wastes Buryak I.V. , Rachmanov Y.A.

pp. 364-367

The general and special in development of plant growing in the Rostov region the Southern Federal District and subjects of the Southeast of Ukraine Patrakeeva O.Yu., Mitrofanova I.А.

pp. 368-376

Environmental and physiological aspects of willow cultivation for wood biomass Rodzkin A.I.

pp. 377-384

Prospects of the development of the agricultural complex of the Volograd region Batmanova V.V.

pp. 385-392

The Development of Agriculture in the Russian Federation during the Last Two decades Svatoš M. , Smutka L., Ishchukova N.

pp. 393-413

A Technological Benchmarking to Identify the Best Available Techniques: a Comparative Analysis of the European and Russian Experience Sergienko O.I., Suvorova Y.S., Fedyushina T.A.

pp. 414-428

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