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March 2023 (published: 10.02.2023)

Number 1(52)

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UDC 338.439

Introduction of digitalization tools in the field of public catering

Skorobogatov M.V., Minchenko L.V.

To maintain the competitiveness of organizations, today's realities require modern technological and technical solutions, and the catering sector is no exception. The relevance of the study is that the digitalization of the catering sector allows you to apply a customer-oriented approach, increase profits and improve the popular segment of the delivery of restaurant business products, which is the subject of increased demand in the post-covid era, and the currently existing economic sanctions against Russia by unfriendly states, namely, allows you to reduce the costs of doing business. The purpose of this re research - in connection with the implementation of the government program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" - is to consider the conditions and tasks of digitalization of catering enterprises in Russia, key components of the development of the catering market, to highlight the main trends in the use of information technologies. The authors made an attempt to analyze both already introduced and promising digital technologies at private and state catering enterprises. The problems arising in the process of digitalization of the food industry in Russia are considered. Based on the analysis, the article proposes a phased algorithm for introducing digitalization tools at food enterprises - an industry that allows you to quickly and optimally get the expected effect in terms of costs.
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Keywords: public catering, digitalization, digital technologies, innovation, food – industry, management.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2023-16-1-108-116

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