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June 2023 (published: 31.05.2023)

Number 2(53)



Теоретические вопросы исследования промышленных предприятий как сложных самоорганизующихся систем Mazhazhikhov A.A. , Miskhozhev E.R.

The article discusses the theoretical aspects of the study of industrial enterprises as complex self-organizing systems. An analysis is made of the formation of an effective toolkit for managing industrial enterprises in order to ensure their sustainable development in a market environment. The key concepts of the systemic approach to the study of industrial enterprises as complex self-organizing systems are summarized. Based on the systematization of the basic properties of a system of any nature, the author substantiates the allocation of two main types of systems for industrial enterprises according to the nature of the interaction of the system with the external environment. The approaches of the authors in defining the concepts of "system", "organization", "production system", "socio-economic system", "production system" are considered. Based on the analysis of scientific literature, the main properties of the system are highlighted, such as purposefulness, integrity, hierarchy, stability. The features of industrial enterprises as closed and open systems in the conditions of command and administrative economy and in market conditions are considered. The interrelation of economic and political transformations with the complication of the structure of the external environment of industrial enterprises is substantiated. It is concluded that it is necessary to form a self-organizing management mechanism at industrial enterprises, based on the principles of self-organization and adaptation for successful functioning and development in an unstable market environment.



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