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March 2023 (published: 10.02.2023)

Number 1(52)

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Methodological approaches to the localization of industrial production at the present stage Vetrova E.N., Azirov G.S.

pp. 3-12


The main problems of the performance of the financial sector of the Russian economy affected by exogenous factors Zueva O.A.

pp. 13-20

Assessment of the Expected Outcome in the Formation of the Financial Result: The Concept and Tools Lisitsa M.I.

pp. 21-26

Analysis and evaluation of the efficiency of IPO of russian companies Sosnilo A.I. , Onore A.S. , Onore G.S.

pp. 27-33

The role of Big Data technology in the transition from financial to management accounting in industrial enterprises Prokhorov A.P. , Prokhorova S.V.

pp. 34-42

Climate-related financial risk management in russian banks: methodological aspects Ivanov V.V. , Nurmuhametov R.K.

pp. 43-53


A model of information and service support of corporate logistical process in an enterprise architecture Anisiforov A.B.

pp. 54-63

Risk analysis of innovative projects based on the immersive technologies Gorovoy A.A. , Grigoriev I.V.

pp. 64-72

The management of environmental and economic efficiency of the import of electric vehicles into the Russian Federation Trubitsyn K.V. , Tkachev V.K.

pp. 73-84

Digital technology management for sustainable development of emerging economies Manish Kumar Pandey , Sergeeva I.G.

pp. 85-95

Parallel import as an economic management mechanism Degtereva V.A., Makarova O.N., Kuzenkova E.S. , Martynenko O.V.

pp. 96-107

Introduction of digitalization tools in the field of public catering Skorobogatov M.V., Minchenko L.V.

pp. 108-116

Comparative analysis of the enterprise effective functioning methods Vasilenok V.L., Negreeva V.V., Kochegarova T.S.

pp. 117-128

Price management based on the revenue factor Stepanova T.V. , Vasilyeva Y.D.

pp. 129-135

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