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March 2023 (published: 10.02.2023)

Number 1(52)

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UDC 339.564

Parallel import as an economic management mechanism

Degtereva V.A., Makarova O.N., Kuzenkova E.S. , Martynenko O.V.

The last few years have become a real strength test for Russian business. The pandemic and the imposition of sanctions have led to a decrease in demand and the shutdown of many industries. There was a need to search for effective management solutions and to revise the supply chains. Thanks to the development of import substitution and the launch of parallel imports, the situation has changed radically. Currently, parallel imports are rapidly gaining momentum and solve the problem of managing the supply of goods. However, a number of experts emphasize that "... rejection from the advanced European markets is not very pleasant for Russia, and the greater the depth of this fault, the more difficult it is to establish ties in the future." The process of managing parallel imports is aimed at a set of specific actions that trigger the mechanism of economic management. On the one hand, there are many goods and there is demand, and as a result, only a few can satisfy the demand in the market. Thus, the management of import analysis should provide a reliable lever of pressure on the economic mechanism. This article deals with the problems of analytical import management. According to the authors, it is fashionable to consider natural development as a reasonable incentive for the development of the Russian economy. Parallel import optimizes current processes and is “…a shortage dampener”.
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Keywords: parallel import, economy of developed countries, trademark, management.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2023-16-1-96-107

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