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March 2023 (published: 10.02.2023)

Number 1(52)

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A model of information and service support of corporate logistical process in an enterprise architecture

Anisiforov A.B.

Corporate logistics is one of the most difficult areas of economic activity of any large industrial enterprise. creates complex material flows that affect almost all manufacturing control functions and are accompanied by financial and information flows and is the study object. Thus, logistical information processes are profoundly integrated into the enterprise information environment. The author proposes an architectural approach as the main building technique for a company’s inbound and outbound logistics business model, under which the internal and external information and organizational connections of logistics with the most important manufacturing control functionsare analyzed. The study states that the enterprise architecture is the mainstay for functioning of the company’s logistical management system. The purpose of the study is to analyze information processes in the enterprise logistical systemand to design the information and service support model of corporate logistical process in the enterprise architecture. Based on the analysis of information processes in the enterprise logistical system, on methods and models of corporate logistical process management the role and significance of production logistics, its features in the enterprise logistical management system are determined. The full range of IT solutions that create information flows supporting the most important logistical business processes, such as supply chain management, core and auxiliary production preparation and management, stock, reserve and store management, material flow through the technological logistics network, products distribution and sales is considered in detail. The model of information and service support of corporate logistics was constructed, the main information technologies and digital platforms allowing to integrate business processes of all participants of the corporate logistics network into a single architecture that provides an effective management of the corporate logistics in the enterprise information management system were defined.
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Keywords: logistics, logistical system, corporate logistics, logistical management, enterprise architecture, digital platforms, digital technologies, information services.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2023-16-1-54-63

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