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December 2019 (published: 18.12.2019)

Number 4(39)

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UDC 338

Management of competitiveness of the production company in the regional market

Surat V.I. , Soklakova I.V. , Santalova M.S.

The purpose of the work is to assess the competitive position of the manufacturing company operating in the construction market of the Moscow region, to determine the prospects and opportunities for effective management of competitiveness and innovative development. The article assesses the competitive environment of the research object, identifies the goals and advantages of the company in the construction market, as well as the maturity of the market. in the regional market. The basis for determining the competitive position of the target company was the comparative assessment of competitors in the market, which was carried out by the Agency for marketing research "Consulting" on a five-point scale, based on the analysis of three indicators: the price level, the level of production of enterprises of the construction market in Mytischi, a wide range of construction services of enterprises-analogues. The conclusion is made that the investigated enterprise among the main and largest enterprises of the Moscow region is in the last place. This is due to the fact that the production capacity of the company is used to the full and the increase in volumes is impractical due to the lack of reserve resources. For the purpose of increasing the competitiveness of the company in the regional market, the article proposes and discusses the introduction of new production in its activities. The organization of new production at the enterprise will entail a change in the organizational structure: instead of linear, it will be necessary to introduce a matrix structure. Certain types of production will be represented by business units. This is due to the fact that all production is technologically and organizationally independent of each other. This approach will provide the company with a better organization and the ability to control the formation of profits. The structure of business units will correspond to the organization by responsibility centers. In General, the introduction of a new business unit will allow the company to strengthen its competitive position in the regional market.
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Keywords: competitive environment, innovations, manufacturer, business unit, regional construction market, competitive position, competitiveness management.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2019-12-4-142-152

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