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September 2019 (published: 26.09.2019)

Number 3(38)

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Basic principles of formation, development and operation Information infrastructure of the enterprise in solving problems Information management

Anisiforov A.B.

The article deals with the problems of formation and management of enterprise information infrastructure. The tasks of organizing an information management system (IM) for managing the operation and develop-ment of an information infrastructure are also explored. It defines the goals of IM, its role and place in the enterprise management system, as well as its main tasks in the management of information infrastructure, including the Enterprise Architecture (EA). The main object of the study is the enterprise information infra-structure. Methods and tools of management of information infrastructure elements, features of its formation and adaptation to the current organizational, economic and information technology changes are analyzed. It is concluded that it is necessary to create a direction in the management system of the enterprise associated with the management of its information infrastructure, that is, the formation of an organized and regulated system of IM, to solve the problems of which an information service should be created in the organizational structure of the enterprise. The effective development of the organization through the regulation of its various types of information activities within the information service defined as a main objective of IM, that is, through the regulation of the organization's information activities. The tasks of IM focused not only on the information infrastructure, but also on the organizational, economic and production processes of the enterprise. All problems and tasks of IM are proposed to be considered in the context of a unified management sys-tem of an enterprise. The construction of this system ensures the achievement of the goals of the enterprise in its main activity through the effective and coordinated management of all the resources of the enterprise based on their informational reflection. It is noted that this becomes possible due to the coordination of the information needs of the enterprise management and the capabilities of its information infrastructure – the most complex problem solved in the information management system. We also consider the features of information management in the EA, the development of which puts before IM new, more complex tasks. The organization of all information processes in the EA, including its development projects, is considered as the Central task of the IM into EA. The basic rules, regulations and standards, which are based on the activities of modern information services in enterprises, providing the solution of the whole complex of tasks of the system IM also considered. The list of the most important tasks solved in the system by IM in the information infrastructure of EA is defined.
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Keywords: information infrastructure, information management, information resources, enterprise architecture, business architecture, business process management, information service, information department.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2019-12-3-128-136

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