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September 2019 (published: 26.09.2019)

Number 3(38)

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Methodology for assessing innovation market capacity Budrina E.V. , Lebedeva A.S., Rogavichene L.I. , Garmonnikov I.S. , Abdullah M.

pp. 3-16

Sharing as a reflection of consumer values in the digital economy Zemskova E.S.

pp. 17-27

Traditional and new methods of formation of interrelations of real and financial sectors of economy of Russia on an innovative basis Zueva O.A.

pp. 28-38

Law’s base development as a factor of investment attraction in waste-recycling industry Koroleva L.P., Ermakova E.R. , Dobroljubskaya E.L.

pp. 39-49

Digital transformation as a factor of the enterprise architecture and IT architecture development Ilyin I.V. , Levina A.I. , Dubgorn A.S.

pp. 50-55

Responsible investments: theory, practice, prospects for the Russian Federation Lvova N. A.

pp. 56-67

The role of Judicial economic expertise in the prevention of economic crime Makarova O.N., Melkostupov E.G. , Martynenko O.V.

pp. 68-76

Estimation of demographic situation for providing of national safety of Russia Shchelakova V.A. , Negreeva V.V., Salmanov A.В.

pp. 77-92

The main directions of improving the efficiency of commercial banks with problem loans Nikiforova V.D., Kovalenko A.V. , Nikiforov A.A.

pp. 93-100

Automation of integrated business analysis for SME organizations based on MS POWER BI Maharramov P.A., Semkina M.A., Silakova L.V.

pp. 101-108

Study of the process innovation creating in research institutions Burtsev D.S., Gavrilyuk E.S. , Chudesova G.P.

pp. 109-117

Environmental assessment of cryptocurrency for sustainable development of digital economy Pavlova A.S. , Daniliuk M.A. , Sergienko O.I., Pavlov A.S.

pp. 118-127

Management. Environmental management

Basic principles of formation, development and operation Information infrastructure of the enterprise in solving problems Information management Anisiforov A.B.

pp. 128-136

Indirect state regulation of supply chains in Russia Vasilenok V.L., Tcimbalist-Kolesnikova I.A. , Korovin E.V., Aleksashkina E.I.

pp. 137-144

A technique for modeling and projecting food consumer behavior Antokhina Y.A. , Kolesnikov A.M. , Sokolov I.K.

pp. 145-154

Innovative technical solutions in the field of sludge treatment on the example of domestic and foreign resource supplying enterprises Treiman M.G.

pp. 155-162

The selection tools of information security audit’s of the enterprise method Kovalenko B.B. , Vakulenko A. A., Sorokopudov N.S.

pp. 163-169

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