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September 2018 (published: 27.09.2018)

Number 3(34)

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UDC 65.011.8

Lean manufacturing in the corporate management system at Russian enterprises

Pavlova A.S. , Sergienko O.I., Trokhov E.S. , Dobrynina V.K.

The concept of lean manufacturing (LM) is currently regarded as an effective method of managing business processes that contributes to improving the competitiveness of organizations through the production of goods or the provision of services that best meet the needs of consumers in the shortest possible time and with minimal costs. With the adoption of national standards of the Russian Federation in the field of tools for lean manufacturing (LM), certification and application in integrated management systems, the interest of Russian companies in this model of corporate governance continues to grow. Despite the fact that Russian standards presuppose a wide coverage of the value chain creation, in practice the use of LM methods and tools is focused mainly on the production areas of the organization, without extending to auxiliary and administrative processes and without considering the value stream. Analysis of foreign and Russian requirements in the field of lean manufacturing shows that the applied tools and management methods are universal and are based on the involvement of staff in active work on the implementation and adaptation of the principles of lean manufacturing. The authors studied the experience of implementing a lean manufacturing program in a company for the production of non-alcoholic beverages, and identified factors that hinder and stimulate the development of a lean management system. As methods of research, a cause-and-effect analysis, building a tree of problems and solutions, and a method of continuous observation, which was carried out using questionnaires of employees of the studied company, were used. In order to manage the development of lean manufacturing, the authors have formulated and proposed recommendations for improving the lean manufacturing program, covering four groups of factors: managerial, economic, socio-cultural, and technical-technological. The research results and conclusions can be used by business leaders to manage the development of a lean management system.
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Keywords: corporate management, lean manufacturing, lean manufacturing management system, development management, toolkit, enterprise efficiency, production of non-alcoholic beverages.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2018-11-3-90-105

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