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March 2018 (published: 28.03.2018)

Number 1(32)

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Competitiveness of an entrepreneurial organization: creation of an innovative value proposition for the market of tourist services Kovalenko B.B. , Vagapova I.S.

pp. 3-12

A comparative analysis of national innovation systems’ structures and their developmental impacts (Evidences from BRICS countries) Alnafrah Ibrahim, Al Naimi Kasem , Ahmad Marah

pp. 13-20

Platform-based business models Konopatov S.N., Saliyenko N.V.

pp. 21-32

Employment and earning payment of population as indicators of social quality of life Kublanov A.M. , Borshcheva A.V. , Santalova M.S.

pp. 33-40

Analysis of status and trends of productivity of functioning of the innovative environment of the Russian Federation in the field of scientific and technical activities Melnichenko A.M.

pp. 41-48

State and prospects of development venture financing in the Russian Federation and in St. Petersburg Prihodko R.V.

pp. 49-55

Human capital in the digital age Shestakova I.G.

pp. 56-63

The strategy of accumulation of savings on the basis of deposits in the conditions of credit policy mitigation Shapiro V.Ya., Shapiro N.A.

pp. 64-71

Рeculiarities of commercial and innovative activity in wholesale trade Lesnikova E.P. , Maksimova T.I. , Nechaeva S.N. , Trunova E.B.

pp. 72-79

Econometric model of credit risk on the basis of commercial banks of the Kyrgyz Republic Arykov R.I.

pp. 80-88

Innovation as the core of capitalist development Panzabekova A.Zh. , Nyurlykhyna G.B.

pp. 89-97

Small entrepreneurship as factor of development of innovative economy Vasilenok V.L., Brazevich D.S. , Safronova Zh.S.

pp. 98-104

Business consulting as a kind of intellectual entrepreneurship and modern directions of its development Mrochkovsky N.S.

pp. 105-112

The importance of economic capital model in estimation of bank capital Posnaya E.А. , Kolesnikov A.M.

pp. 113-118

Management. Environmental management

International Trends and opportunities of development of small enterprises of polymer industry Vetrova E.N., Kireenkova A.

pp. 119-125

Prospects and environmental management system assessment from the point of integrated analysis of the enterprise potential Gun'kova A.G. , Kholopov Y.A. , Purygin P.P.

pp. 126-136

Methods of choosing a financial strategy for industrial company Minchenko L.V., Badaeva N.N.

pp. 137-143

Research of current anti-crisis management strategies in domestic business Negreeva V.V., Aleksashkina E.I., Seleznev I.A.

pp. 144-151

Creation of an optimal system of «lean production» in the activities of the resource supplying organization Sue «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» Treiman M.G. , Nikishova A.O.

pp. 152-158

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