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June 2016 (published: 20.06.2016)

Number 2(25)

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Imagery aggregators on financial market: capital fresh stream and new investment risk Voronov V.S.

pp. 1-11

Innovative activity of ITMO University and its influence on import substitution and development of economy of Russia Malyavko D.P., Kolotilin A.V.

pp. 12-16

Factor analysis of the capital outflow from the Russian economy Markovskaia E.I. , Belov A.V.

pp. 17-23

Assessment of economic efficiency of an intensification of regional industrial complex: new approaches Pavlov K.V. , Mitrofanova I.V.

pp. 24-37

Potential difficulties of small business cost estimation in Russia Prihodko R.V.

pp. 38-42

Optimal auction`s design: the search for solutions outside of procedure Khvalynskiy D.S.

pp. 43-47

The ontological foundation of the economy in the digital society Shestakova I.G.

pp. 48-55

Economic nature of capital Kovalenko A.V.

pp. 56-60

Ethics and trust as tools to minimize transaction costs in innovation activities Dorzhieva E.L.

pp. 61-64

Optimization of logistics activities of transport-forwarding company Negreeva V.V., Kuznetsova E.D.

pp. 65-79

Management. Environmental management

Methodical foundations of modeling the mecanism of state support for small business enterprises Kuznetsov Y.V. , Bykova N.V.

pp. 80-86

Development management techniques of the primary components of the enterprise marketing Chudesova G.P., Babunts R.V.

pp. 87-91

The administrative decision in an organizational control system Volkov S. D., Galuzina S.M.

pp. 92-99

Essence, forms and issues of outsourcing in the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation Golubev A.A., Ovsyannikova N.V.

pp. 100-106

Efficiency of blogging as a marketing tool Sanin M.K. , Barkov E.I.

pp. 107-112

Four managerial principlesof tertiary education Alpatov G.Е.

pp. 113-122

Differentiation of processes of management of activity as factor of integration of management into the organizations Vasilenok V.L., Brazevich D.S. , Gerasimova A.Yu., Tolstikova Irina I.

pp. 123-128

Automation decomposition complex electronic devices in the logistics recycling Grigoryev M.N. , Kefeli I.F. , Uvarov S.A.

pp. 129-134

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