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June 2020 (published: 19.06.2020)

Number 2(41)

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The nature and methods of resolution of conflicts of environmental and economic interests Karginova-Gubinova V.V., Tishkov S. V. , Shcherbak A. P. , Volkov A.P.

pp. 3-10

Government support for improving living facilities and its impact on reducing non-monetary poverty Kormishkina L. A. , Koroleva L.P.

pp. 11-22

Using machine learning in investment activity Kazanskaya A.A. , Mishura L.G.

pp. 23-34

Investment activity in a depressed region: trends and problems of implementation at the present stage Nevyantseva L. S. , Vlasova N. Yu.

pp. 35-45

Statistical analysis of the impact of environmental factors on the socio-economic development of the territory Khavronichev V.I. , Tülu G.M.

pp. 46-57

Reasons for Business Recovery after the pandemic COVID-19 Shapiro N.A.

pp. 58-64

Sustainable Development strategies for Food Processing Enterprise Shatalova A.N., Chebotar A.V.

pp. 65-73

Methodology for improving the effectiveness of working software products on issues of forming an optimal range of retailer goods Shimokhin A.V.

pp. 74-80

Analysis of opportunities to reduce operation costs during transportation of fuel resources Ivanov Lev V., Anokhin A. V., Igor V. Baranov, Daria Mironova

pp. 81-93

The use of digital technologies in logistics Negreeva V.V., Zamiatina A.A. , Shpakovich D.K., Sharonova A.D.

pp. 94-102

Improving business processes in the automotive industry as an innovative tool for transforming the economy Degtereva V.A.

pp. 103-110

Digital marketing communications in the context of media prosumerism development Budrin A. G. , Soldatova A.V. , Zonis M.M.

pp. 111-120

Management. Environmental management

Problems of educational process management when using digital tools in higher education Shaugaraeva D.I. , Burtsev D.S., Gavrilyuk E.S.

pp. 121-130

Problems of ecological and economic development of the Northern region Lebedeva M.A.

pp. 131-142

On the results of international projects on the introduction of circular economy principles in the Baltic region Pavlova A.S. , Sergienko O.I., Violetta Savoskula, Daniliuk M.A. , Pavlov A.S.

pp. 143-151

SWOT analysis in economic security monitoring of a corporation (by the example of Gazprom) Kalyadina R.A. , Safiullin A.R.

pp. 152-159

Application of Design of Experiments (DOE) methods to determine the values of factors affecting the performance of the post office Potsulin А.D. , Sergeeva I.G., Kharlamova J. O.

pp. 160-169

Accounts Receivable Management in the Conditions of Economic Instability Trofimov N.I. , Slukina V.V. , Medvedeva O.E.

pp. 170-181

Reverse logistic Vasilenok V.L., Filimonova A.V. , Aleksashkina E.I., Merzhanova V.D.

pp. 182-188

Water management as a promising direction for the development of the machine-building industry in St. Petersburg Treiman M.G.

pp. 189-196

Hypothesis, causes and consequences of the separation of the traditional and innovative subsectors in the real sector of the Russian economy Zueva O.A.

pp. 197-204

Digital transformation of business: approaches and definitions Zajchenko I.M. , Gorshcnikova P.D. , Dubgorn A.S. , Levina A.I.

pp. 205-212

On the Essence of Public Goods in the Digital Economy Vakhitova L.R. , Kudryavtseva K.V.

pp. 213-218


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