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June 2023 (published: 31.05.2023)

Number 2(53)

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UDC 334.02

Organisational aspects of knowledge-intensive organisations as subjects of innovation activities

Orlova O.P. , Sergeeva I.G.

The increasing influence of the external environment on knowledge-intensive business, radical changes in trends, and the increasing complexity of logistics and communications require alternative solutions in the creation of the final product. The current economic context is shifting from a resource-oriented to a knowledge-oriented development strategy based on scientific research and technologically sophisticated products that provide competitive advantages to the companies that are developing them. The proliferation and growth of knowledge-intensive organisations is key to effective commercialisation, profiting from the economic impact of science and innovation, and technology transfer. Knowledge-intensive organisations are direct contributors to the modern economy, experts in forecasting and selecting priority science fronts, providers of scientific knowledge and developers of new technologies capable of transforming scientific discoveries into profit-generating assets. In order to meet the challenges of knowledge-intensive organisations, organisational change is needed to increase the speed of adaptation to change and improve resilience. It is proposed to look at knowledge-intensive organisations and find their distinctive features from other innovation business entities. The paper reviews relevant Russian and foreign sources and explores the essence of knowledge-intensive organizations in terms of interdisciplinary, process, human resources, resource and structural approaches. The author identifies the features and clarifies the definition of "knowledge-intensive organization" as an economic entity that participates in the scientific and technological chain of scientific knowledge creation and development of interdisciplinary innovative products, has the necessary intellectual and personnel composition, with a high proportion of costs for the formation or acquisition of intellectual property. Based on a comparative analysis, the hierarchy of economic entities of innovative activity is clarified. The study considers organizational features of knowledge-intensive organizations, which include specific areas such as: intellectual property management, management of creative cross-functional team based on individual approach and coordination of expectations of each participant, management of scientific knowledge with involvement in global technology chains.
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Keywords: knowledge-intensive organizations, knowledge-intensive enterprises, scientific and technological chains, interdisciplinary innovative products, knowledge-intensive services, intellectual staff.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2023-16-2-139-149

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