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June 2023 (published: 31.05.2023)

Number 2(53)

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Theoretical questions of the study of industrial enterprises as complex self-organizing systems Mazhazhikhov A.A. , Miskhozhev E.R.

pp. 3-9

Features of the formation of the organic food market Kovaleva E.N., Тимофеев В.Е.

pp. 10-24

Prospects and specificity of using the concept of an intelligent enterprise in business Shevchenko M.I. , Tsukanova Olga A

pp. 25-34


Controlling as a tool to improve the efficiency of forest industry enterprise management in the context of digital transformation Konovalova Yu.S. , Burtsev D.S.

pp. 35-43

Risk-based approach to the organization of internal audit of a testing laboratory Boyadzhi K.S. , Mishura L.G.

pp. 44-54

Analysis of risk management systems of innovative companies Gorovoy A.A. , Grigoriev I.V.

pp. 55-63

Trends in non-financial reporting in the sphere of sustainable development control in Russian organizations Dubrovina M.D. , Maximova T.G.

pp. 64-70

Peculiarities of decision making in business under uncertainty Kalakutskaya E.S. , Gavrilyuk E.S.

pp. 71-81

Parallel import as a mechanism of economic management Degtereva V.A., Makarova O.N., Kuzenkova E.S. , Martynenko O.V.

pp. 82-90

Organizational and management aspects of the formation of transport infrastructure in the arctic zone Negreeva V.V., Skorobogatko K.Е. , Matersheva V.V.

pp. 91-102

Comparative analysis of corporate social responsibility practices of foreign corporate structures Izmaylov M.K. , Pupentsova S.V.

pp. 103-112

Environmental management in the enterprise development management system: current trends Kostylev I.A. , Yashalova N.N.

pp. 113-121

Problems of management in the field of procurement to meet state and municipal needs Smirnova I.V., Bizenkova A.A.

pp. 122-128

Economic security management in the field of healthcare in Russia Shchelakova V.A.

pp. 129-138

Organisational aspects of knowledge-intensive organisations as subjects of innovation activities Orlova O.P. , Sergeeva I.G.

pp. 139-149

Ecological and economic justification of decision-making when choosing technologies for thermal adaptation of waste, taking into account the ranking of sustainability criteria Sergienko O.I., Nechepurenko A.I. , Rachmanov Y.A. , Vasilenok V.L.

pp. 150-163

A systematic review of modeling approaches in supply chain management: past, present, and future perspectives Rogulin R.S.

pp. 164-179


Impact of financialization on sustainable development Klioutchnikov I.K. , Klyuchnikov O.I., Molchanova O.A.

pp. 180-190

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