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March 2022 (published: 14.03.2022)

Number 1(48)

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UDC 330.88

Educational resources of environmental management in the context of talent management

Bogdanova O.N. , Fridman M.F.

The transition of the economy to the sixth technological mode is accompanied by the emergence of global environmental problems, which can be solved by specialists with a high level of human potential. The article considers the question of the formation of the information society as a major factor in the development of human potential, the management of which requires systematic activities in the organization. The impact of environmental management on the efficiency of production, in the transition of the economy to a new technological basis, allows to renew the ability of companies to implement a modern business model built on the principles of environmental standards and ways to organize a system of talent management through the use of educational resources. Based on the analysis of regulatory legal documents in the Russian Federation, regulating the state policy in the economy, as well as defining the requirements in the field of environmental management; sources of scientific literature, research results, such concepts as "information society", "human potential", "sixth technological mode", "environmental management", "talent management" were considered. The development of talent management system in the organization is necessary taking into account the processes that have a positive impact on the development and stabilization of talent is rewarding, education and development, career planning and succession. Innovative breakthrough in the economy is an important component of the evolution of civilization, which should contribute to those forms of development that will implement the survival strategy of mankind and the preservation of the biosphere to the greatest extent.
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Keywords: информационное общество, шестой технологический уклад, человеческий потенциал, экологический менеджмент, управление талантами.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2022-15-1-112-119

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