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March 2020 (published: 04.03.2020)

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UDC 331.108

Gamification - tool making management decisions

Kovalenko B.B. , Gusarova T.I.

Currently, there is an increase in competition. In order not to be outsiders of the “race for leaders”, organizations need to constantly make critical management decisions. These decisions must guarantee its effectiveness and survival. Since every day enterprises have to look for more and more new ways to keep themselves afloat, enterprises are required to make atypical, innovative decisions. To make the most effective innovative management decisions requires creating conditions that stimulate creativity. And for this, it is recommended to use a technology such as gamification, which is one of the main trends of our time. The purpose of this article is to determine the degree of influence of gamification on the process of making management decisions in the organization. Data and methods. To achieve the goal, data from analytical agencies were reviewed and analyzed, examples of the practical application of gamification in various industries were studied, and a study was conducted on the gamification of the process of making managerial decisions. Analysis of the results. As a result, conclusions were drawn that an increase in interest in the phenomenon of gamification goes in many directions. The total volume of the global gamification market is also growing. Another indicator of the growing demand for gamification is the emergence of new professions that are directly related to this area (game teacher, game master, etc.). This technology is becoming a very vivid form of motivation, with the help of which you can interest people to behave not in a routine, but in an innovative way. This means increasing the company's ability to use the most effective and innovative management solutions. By gamification of team work, the company provides its employee with a tool that will bring him more pleasure from work, which will positively affect his emotional state and the general climate within the company. The better the quality of management decisions, the better for the company. Thus, the gamification of the management decision-making process can lead to an increase in the efficiency of the entire enterprise. However, despite the obvious popularity of gamification techniques, the introduction of this concept is proceeding at a slow pace. The main reason can be noted the lack of development of the implementation and application of gamification. Therefore, when choosing gamification tools, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the enterprise since how much the application of this technology will be effective depends on a whole range of factors: industry, corporate culture, type of organization structure, team psychology, and much more. Thus, for each organization it is necessary to develop a comprehensive system that will take into account all these factors. It is also important to consider the long-term goals of the company to better apply gamification. So, with proper implementation and use, gamification can become an effective motivational and organizational component of a company.
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Keywords: gamification, gaming, gaming experience, marketing, personnel management, development, innovation, innovation, education, business, management decisions.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2020-13-1-103-111

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