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September 2018 (published: 27.09.2018)

Number 3(34)

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UDC 339.13

Models of innovative design in environmental management

Kakava L.O. , Likhachev E.М.

Innovative and ecological activity (or ecologically directed innovation activity) in the modern economy plays an important role in the timeliness and professionalism of making economic and environmental decisions for the development of the enterprise, the region, the state. Lack of resources, highly qualified personnel, uncertainty in the economy, changing the market, all this has a big impact on innovative design, but if we consider the design problem from a methodical point of view, then one of the important and determining problems is the discrepancy of the basic design models to industry features. Therefore, in each specific case it is necessary to define the model and adapt it to the results of the analysis of the industry and the enterprise. In the article features of innovative designing of ecological projects are considered. The subject of research are the processes of management of environmental innovation projects, the object of eco-innovation, the purpose of the article is the formation of specific elements of the process of modeling environmental innovations that take into account the features of environmental innovation projects. For this purpose, the peculiarities of the management of environmental innovation projects, the problems arising at different stages of the life cycle of innovative projects in the field of ecology and the changes in the modeling of innovative design are proposed. The proposed block diagram of innovative design makes it possible to take into account the need for repeated examinations, studies and experiments in the course of implementing environmental projects, and also determines the main factors of the external and internal environment of the enterprise that affect the effectiveness of the implementation of the environmental innovation project.
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Keywords: ecological management, innovative design, modeling of innovative design, ecological innovations, life cycle of the project.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2018-11-3-76-83

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