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March 2018 (published: 28.03.2018)

Number 1(32)

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UDC 338.242

International Trends and opportunities of development of small enterprises of polymer industry

Vetrova E.N., Kireenkova A.

The report focuses on current state, trends and problems of development of polymer industry with emphasis to small business segment. The audience will be acquainted with analyse and base trends of international and Russian market of petroleum and processing industry as well as with polymer industry market. The main interest to this subject is based on obvious opportunities of growth and development of the global polymer industry. Small enterprises considered as the main object of investment on world market. The significant raw material potential of Russia compared with the current low production indicators as opportunity to increase the share of the international polymer production. The progressive growth of global polymer production and the outstripping growth of demand on the domestic Russian market. All this reasons became the huge field for analysis and synthesis of all factors and for research of trend and opportunities on it. The main purpose of research is to provide economic and strategic growth of Russian polymer industry on the world market. And also to find the ways and directions for the development of small enterprises on the domestic and international markets through the use of the hydrocarbon production potential in the Russian Federation.
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Keywords: polymer industry, small enterprises, development of production, strategy.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2018-11-1-119-125

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