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June 2017 (published: 30.06.2017)

Number 2(29)

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UDC 338.242

Business culture in management of innovations development of industrial enterprise: resource approach

Vetrova E.N., Vashchillo A.A.

Looking at evolution of industrial enterprises, one can observe a tendency of displacement of production processes culture by consumption processes culture. A combination of both is able to ensure optimal planning and utilization of enterprise’s resources. Unfortunately, this subject is not adequately covered by modern literature, but today challenges of resource management are rising. The foundations of scientific industrial management, introduced by F.Taylor and others in the beginning of previous century, do not find practical implementation in modern industry. The object of research is a modern industrial enterprise. The subject of the research: business culture of an industrial enterprise. The purpose: to justify the use of the resource approach to the management of innovative development of the enterprise as a way of bringing together modern business culture and traditional industrial culture by the example of a particular enterprise model. Methodology: methods of analysis and synthesis, system and strategic analysis, fuzzy sets method. Authors of the article propose to use resource approach to management of innovations development of enterprise to bring together modern business culture and traditional production culture, and give an example of a specific industrial enterprise. The work makes an effort to contest idea, that resource approach is not capable of considering such factors as speed of technological changes and quality standards, which are important for innovations development of an industrial enterprise.
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Keywords: culture, production, consumption, distribution, processes, vital resources, indistinct sets.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2017-10-2-39-47

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