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March 2015 (published: 16.03.2015)

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UDC 608.2

Methodological basis for the formation of a typology managerial innovations

Davidovsky F.N.

  Current approaches to the classification of innovation processes do not allow to fully get a complete idea of their nature and content, as important as managerial innovations in these classifications are only partially included. The proposed typology of managerial innovations based primarily on the hypothesis that any innovation is not only the result of the realization relationship management, and product implementation of the management system as a whole, its constituent elements.Therefore, the division of innovation in a number of classifications for product, process and organizational real typology is clearly insufficient. According to the author, this typology should be based on the principle of the unity and interconnection of the control system elements (methods, functions, principles, etc), management of innovation (social, organizational, economic and legal factors the implementation of management) and specific items of managerial innovations (spheres and directions of their application).Necessary and sufficient condition for classifying managerial changes as innovation is the degree of novelty and the socio - economic effect. The article also discusses the distinctive classification features of managerial innovations, proposed a matrix method of constructing an appropriate typology.
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Keywords: management innovations, typology, governance, socio - economic efficiency, the degree of novelty of innovation.

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