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December 2014 (published: 09.12.2014)

Number 4(19)

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UDC 574: 71+7.01

The Main Ideas of Contemporary Environmental Art: the Ecological Aspect

Lvov A.A.

The environmental art puts a difficult twofold problem before its scholar. On the one hand, there is a necessity to study it in terms of global ecological situation, ecological ethics in the artistic principles, finally, in respect of using natural conditions in the works of art. On the other hand, it is mandatory to studi it from the viewpoint of aesthetic theory, classical and non-classical approaches in it and philosophical bases of its main ideas. The paper investigates into the representative circle of the prime questions that environmental art deals with, as well as the definition of its main ideas in the ecological aspect. We hope to reveal the importance of the princilpes of the art work by taking into consideration the specificity of the topical investigations in the sphere of ecology and aesthetical theory. We also would like to trace the classical aesthetical problems in the works of the environmental atrists. 
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Keywords: environmental art, ecology as the art milieus, Gaia hypothesis, land art, landscape art.

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