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March 2017 (published: 15.03.2017)

Number 1(28)

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Economics and ecological management

The need to strengthen the economy and sustainable rate of economic growth in Russia Vikulenko A.E.

pp. 1-8

Housing and utility industry analysis in a view of attractiveness for entrepreneurial activity Kolarzh V.V.

pp. 9-14

The economic development of Vietnam Negreeva V.V., Tran Thanh Tuan

pp. 15-20

Direct foreign investments as factor of economic growth: the general and special Pavlov K.V. , Nosova O.V. , Mitrofanova I.V. , Korsakova I.V.

pp. 21-27

Introduction to the economic turnover of intellectual property companies Pavlova S.V.

pp. 28-33

The development of public-private partnership in the innovation sphere in Kazakhstan Panzabekova A.Zh. , Andreeva G.M.

pp. 34-41

Ontology of the economy of the digital world: intergenerational specifics Shestakova I.G.

pp. 42-47

Bank credits to small business Kirillova O.V.

pp. 48-52

The criteria and procedure for selection of investment projects in the hotel business Kolesnikov A.M.

pp. 53-60

Management. Environmental management

Financial Strategies for Enterprise Competitiveness Sergeeva I.G., Dzvinkaite M.V.

pp. 61-69

Analysis of law-enforcement practice of electronic commerce and problem of sale of the software Zhuzhoma I.N., Kozin A. V.

pp. 70-77

Justification of creation of corporate formations the higher school (HS) – lateral clusters Bezukladova E.Yu. , Aleksandrov-Sobolev-Kabalevskiy V.I.

pp. 78-88

Methodical questions of definition extensive and intensive character of financial resources Ovchinnikova L.A. , Kurbanov D.M.

pp. 89-97

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