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March 2016 (published: 30.03.2016)

Number 1(24)

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The development of methodical approach to process of current capital management on service enterprise oil and gas branches to industry Vetrova E.N., Kamaliyev R.R.

pp. 1-9

Particularities of the dynamic segment analysis market products of the feeding Alekseev G. V., Egoshina E.V., Aksenova O.I. , Puchkov V.F.

pp. 10-19

Bank support of contracts in the field of state order Kazansky A.V.

pp. 20-26

Providing law and order and legality as key factor of economic security of the Russian Federation Kolotilin A.V., Kuszczak A. I.

pp. 27-31

Formation of money turnover Negreeva V.V., Aleksashkina E.I., Kopyltsov A.A.

pp. 32-39

The capital adequacy as a basis for the regulation banking risks in Russia Nikiforova V.D.

pp. 40-46

Special purposefinancial institutes: peculiarities and perspectives of development Ivanov V.V. , Nurmuhametov R.K.

pp. 47-55

Corporate finance essence and management principles Prihodko R.V., Abd Asaad Mansour

pp. 56-61

Valuable factors as regulators of administrative activity and processes of organizational and cultural changes Vasilenok V.L., Brazevich D.S. , Gerasimova A.Yu.

pp. 62-74

Theoretical and practical aspects of the impact of the international capital flows on the Russian economy Markovskaia E.I. , Isakov M.A.

pp. 75-80

Imagery aggregators on financial market: capital fresh stream and new investment risk Voronov V.S.

pp. 81-91

Management. Environmental management

Analysis of economic and environmental aspects of the use of heat pumps for disposal of low-grade heat treatment facilities Didikov А.Е.

pp. 92-98

Demand and motivation in the tourist market Makarchenko M.A., Ramadonova M.M. , Farrukh E. Sattorov

pp. 99-103

The comparative effectiveness of public management environmental security in the region by dea-analysis (for example Volga federal district) Porunov A.N.

pp. 104-111

Problems of competition of public health service Russia Seleznev V.D., Volkov S. D.

pp. 112-117

Economics aspects of sorbents based on agricultural waste for natural waters from oil products on its basis Yamansarova E.T. , Abdullin M.I., Gromyko N.V. , Кhasanova D.N.

pp. 118-122

Defining the zones of innovation attractiveness for a science-intensive industrial enterprise Chudesova G.P.

pp. 123-129

Evaluation of the influence of the customs union functioning on the competitiveness of the russian economy Shkiotov S.V., Markin M.I.

pp. 130-136

Technologies in organizational and economic mechanisms of development of transport Emirova A.E.

pp. 137-143

The know-how protected as a result of intellectual activity of entrepreneurs Yablokova I.V. , Volkov S. D.

pp. 144-154

Role of innovations in economic development of national economy Zueva O.A., Molchanova O.A.

pp. 155-159

Innovations, education and human development Bolgauov T.A.

pp. 160-164

On the state and groups of influence, their ability to provide macroeconomic stability: materials for the course classes «Modern economic concepts» Shapiro N.A.

pp. 165-173

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