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March 2024 (published: 04.03.2024)

Number 1(56)

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Monitoring the quality of regional economic growth: methodological aspects and implementation Sidorov M.A

pp. 3-21

Formation of human capital within private higher education in Russia Grigoriev I.V. , Gorovoy A.A. , Gavrilyuk E.S. , Izotova A.G.

pp. 22-30


Research of certain issues of personnel management on information security in healthcare institutions Gavrishev A.A.

pp. 31-41

Trends in the introduction of elements of the ESG concept into the management system of domestic enterprises Izmaylov M.K. , Pupentsova S.V.

pp. 42-50

Risk management of business processes of industrial enterprises: analytical and applied aspects Vasiltsov V.S. , Sushinskaya A.V. , Shadrina E.V. , Vyacheslavova V.V.

pp. 51-59

Management of environmentally focused entrepreneurial projects using innovative digital technologies Litau E.Y. , Kholodov V.V.

pp. 60-68

Study of peculiarities of business process management and introduction of unit economy principles into companies' activities Treiman M.G.

pp. 69-75

Assessment of the level of transport and logistics infrastructure development of the transportation and logistics infrastructure when making managerial decisions Vasilenok V.L., Minchenko L.V., Negreeva V.V., Moroz D.S.

pp. 76-92


Reserve fund of a subject of the Russian Federation: status and ways of modernization Vakhrameev R.A.

pp. 93-105

Banking supervision of climate-dependent financial risks: methodological aspects Ivanov V.V. , Nurmuhametov R.K.

pp. 106-115

Mechanisms for limiting financing of the public sector of the economy Ivleva E.S. , Rumyantseva A.Yu. , Tserkasevich L.V.

pp. 116-124

Modeling non-zero trust operational leverage and its potential use in financial administration Lisitsa M.I.

pp. 125-140

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