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September 2023 (published: 04.09.2023)

Number 3(54)

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Economic aspects of the use of alternative energy sources in the arctic zone of the Russian Federation at the present stage Rumiantsev D.S. , Didikov А.Е.

pp. 3-12


Personalization instruments management based on the classification at CJM stages in online retail Budrin A. G. , Pliatinskii A.V.

pp. 13-23

Modernization of management tools for the implementation of the program of socio-economic development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation Nikiforov A.A., Nikiforova V.D.

pp. 24-33

Analysis of the implementation of environmentally oriented practices by retail enterprises Prituzhalova O.A. , Boklah E.D.

pp. 34-49

Managing the promotion of complex goods and products based on the concept of lunch marketing Salagubova E.D. , Girsh L.V., Solovieva D.V.

pp. 50-59

Managing the process of implementing projects on business process reengineering Gerasimov K.B.

pp. 60-69

Control and supervisory bodies in the field of public procurement management in the Russian Federation Smirnova I.V., Makarova O.N.

pp. 70-78

Managing the implementation of educational programs based on social investment analysis Vakhitova L.R. , Rozhdestvenskaia N.V. , Soloveykina M.P.

pp. 79-89

Digital technologies in business strategy of developing economies Nikolaeva A.M. , Zajchenko I.M. , Diomande M.I. , Sharonova A.D.

pp. 90-99

Principles of management and development of transportation infrastructure in the Russian Federation Vasilenok V.L., Martynenko O.V. , Negreeva V.V., Skorobogatko K.Е.

pp. 100-115


Identification and analysis of scenarios for the development of the financial result: the concept and tools Lisitsa M.I.

pp. 116-124

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