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September 2022 (published: 27.09.2022)

Number 3(50)

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Dynamics of development of student startups based on the innovative infrastructure of University Stazharova D.M. , Budrina E.V.

pp. 3-12

Sustainable economic development of socio-economic systems: regional aspect Volkov A.R. , Afanassenkova A.V.

pp. 13-23

Features of uncertainty and risk accounting in the innovation projects economic analysis Voroshin E.A., Kolesnikov A.M. , Kvasha N.V. , Malevskaya-Malevich E.D.

pp. 24-32

Analysis of the environmental and economic situation in the waste management market in THE Russian Federation Treiman M.G. , Ignatova D.Y.

pp. 33-41

Ecosystem character of modern industrial systems transformation based on open innovations Kirillova E.A.

pp. 42-49

Features of ensuring sustainable development at the micro level Sekushina I.A. , Lebedeva M.A.

pp. 50-56

Dividend policy: fundamental importance, review and analysis of the consistency of concepts, the model of smoothing dividends Lisitsa M.I.

pp. 57-68

Analysis of current trends in the development of biomaterials business in the context of a closed-cycle economy Rakhmanova K.R. , Kuznetcova A.P. , Molodkina N.R. , Sergienko O.I.

pp. 69-81

The impact of digitalization on the labor market: the freelance effect Safiullin A.R., Vorzhetsova N.V.

pp. 82-88

Market trend analysis and demand study for functional gluten-free products Osipova E.R. , Orlova O.Y. , Boitsova J.S. , Ivashchenko Y.S.

pp. 89-96

Priorities of sustainable development in the agricultural sector of the economy Chernov V.A.

pp. 97-109

Management of the technology transfer process in the interaction of universities and business Elena Pavlova, Nguyen T.T.H.

pp. 110-118

Assessment of the impact of the technological nature of the regional economy on the dynamics of its development Shirokova E.Yu. , Leonidova E.G.

pp. 119-127

Economic methods for assessing the financial condition of exporters in the budget management system Makarova O.N., Knyazev A.S. , Makarova Yu.N. , Martynenko O.V.

pp. 128-146


Formation of intellectual environment of interaction between business and state authorities in the implementation of ESG concept Izmaylov M.K. , Pupentsova S.V.

pp. 147-155

Expert method and neural networks for assessing the risk of bankruptcy of an enterprise Shimokhin A.V. , Boltovsky S.N.

pp. 156-163

Lean production concept management in organization of health care Vasilenok V.L., Negreeva V.V., Kochegarova T.S.

pp. 164-175

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