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June 2022 (published: 27.05.2022)

Number 2(49)

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Problems and prospects for the development of the Crimean shipbuilding industry for the Russian economy Vetrova E.N., Doroshenko S.N. , Kravchenko K.N.

pp. 3-11

Features of the formation of demand and supply for paper sanitary and hygienic products Kovaleva E.N., Vassiljeva A.V.

pp. 12-24

The role of monetary policy in the system of economic security of the state Smolenskaya S.V. , Kalyadina R.A.

pp. 25-31

Features of digital transformation projects of industrial enterprises and some aspects of preparation for their implementation Anisiforov A.B.

pp. 32-41

Economic security of legal entities in the digital economy Arkhipov E.L. , Boguslav E.N.

pp. 42-48

Research of drivers of digital transformation of the oil and gas industry Gorbov I.A. , Gavrilyuk E.S.

pp. 49-62

Innovative development of the region as a condition for the effective development of regional tourism (on the example of the Northwestern Federal District) Ignatieva T.A.

pp. 63-74

Approaches to the use of digital twins by system integrators and robotics manufacturers Leontieva I.N. , Burtsev D.S.

pp. 75-83

Analysis of the activities of credit institutions based on balanced indicators in order to identifyviolations Makarova O.N., Novopashina A.V. , Martynenko O.V. , Sultygova M.B.

pp. 84-93

Tend and forecast of Global Market instruments for laboratory Diagnostic Munassar M.A. , Sosnilo A.I.

pp. 94-104

Analysis of methods for managing innovation projects of knowledge-intensive companies Orlova O.P. , Repkin А.I.

pp. 105-111

Assessment of the level of Internet use by organizations in the regions of Russia Pinkovetskaia I.S.

pp. 112-121

Innovative risks: contents and methods of prevention Prihodko R.V.

pp. 122-128

The concept of industrial symbiosis: experience of application in various countries and prospects for implementation in Russia on the example of the Pskov region Daria Mironova, Timokhovich I.V. , Pomazkova E.E. , Zharkova Yu.V.

pp. 129-141

Paradigm shift in fintech landscape: a perspective from the Indian marketplace Manish Kumar Pandey , Sergeeva I.G.

pp. 142-151

Economic effect of software quality evaluation procedure in small IT businesses Vasilenko E.A. , Mishura L.G.

pp. 152-159

Small and medium-sized enterprises during the COVID-19 pandemic Lebedevskaya O.A. , Litau E.Y.

pp. 160-172

Ecological and economic aspects of the application of biological protection means of agricultural crops on the example of potato Sergienko O.I., Kiprushkina E.I., Miniakhmetova A.V. , Rumyantseva O.N, Vasilenok V.L.

pp. 173-185

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