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September 2021 (published: 22.09.2021)

Number 3(46)

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Assessment of the influence of intellectual transportation systems on ecological safety of Saint petersburg transport Anisimova A.I. , Maltsev D.S. , Lebedeva A.S.

pp. 3-11

Development of an agileble algorithm for bringing a high-tech innovative product to the market in the field of orthopedics Chudesova G.P., Burdukovskiy V.N.

pp. 12-25

Analysis of material flows of the region and elements of the transport and logistics system on the example of the Republic of Crimea Vakhovskaya M.Yu. , Lesnitskaya A.O.

pp. 26-34

Institute of Trust and Institutional Problems in Building an Innovative Economy in Russia Gurianov P.A.

pp. 35-46

Software-analytical tool for forecasting and evaluating the implementation of innovative processes in integration formations Kirillova E.A. , Lazarev A.I.

pp. 47-57

Prerequisites and problems of alternative energy development in the subjects of the European North of Russia Lebedeva M.A.

pp. 58-74

On the question of the structure of collection, sorting and transportation of recyclable materials in the trend of transition to a circular economy Belinskaya I. V., Makarenko E.D.

pp. 75-85

Intraregional asymmetry: research with spatial analysis tools Patrakova S.S.

pp. 86-97

Human capital as a driver of deployment by new industrialization Potiagailov S.V. , Guzyr V.V., Vorobyova E.S., Yusubova Z.A.

pp. 98-107

Educational clusters as a tool for economic development in the region Prihodko R.V.

pp. 108-116

Awareness of Sustainable Use of National Natural Resources as a Basis for the Environmental Protection Systems: Economic Aspects and the New Global Index of the Popularity of Environmental Queries (GIPEQ) Shemetev A.A.

pp. 117-128

Service quality analysis methodology Shimokhin A.V.

pp. 129-137

The model of lean consumption "5 S" in the context of the development of the "green" economy Shirinkina E. V.

pp. 138-144

About the development of the economy using high-tech manufacturing industries Sidorov M.A, Rumyantsev N.M. , Lukin E.V.

pp. 145-161

Smart contracts in the Industry 4.0 innovation business processes Zharinov Igor Olegovich

pp. 162-169

Characteristics of the technology transfer system оf the Russian Federation Kirisheva V. A., Gavrilyuk E.S.

pp. 170-179

Management. Environmental management

Diagnostic audit for the implementation of environmental management systems according to the ISO 14001 standard Prituzhalova O.A.

pp. 180-197

Analysis of the business strategy of the South Korean holding Amore Pacific Chudnova O.A. , Pak K.S. , Oleinik E.A.

pp. 198-208

Improvement of the quality management system in healthcare organizations Vasilenok V.L., Negreeva V.V., Kochegarova T.S., Aleksashkina E.I.

pp. 209-217

Problems of efficiency of enterprises of the shipbuilding complex of modern Russia Vetrova E.N., Shnankina S.N.

pp. 218-227

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