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December 2018 (published: 27.12.2018)

Number 4(35)

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Investment in human capital as a priority of the neo-industrial economy Ermoshina T.V.

pp. 3-10

Features of investment attractiveness of telecommunications industry Lysenko A.M. , Prihodko R.V.

pp. 11-16

Calculaition methods for capital adequacy ratio for operational risks Sizova T.M.

pp. 17-24

Capital Structure of Russian Airline Companies: Theoretical and Practical Aspects Volosatova K.I. , Markovskaia E.I.

pp. 25-45

Usage of spin-off companies in the scheme of financing innovation activities of industrial enterprises Sergeeva I.G., Tretyakova E.A.

pp. 46-51

Financial aspects of economic security Farber V.A.

pp. 52-61

Methodological approaches to evaluating the success of regional development of business structures Kosheleva T.N. , Brazevich D.S. , Vasilenok V.L.

pp. 62-68

Reduction of economic threats in the implementation of the program of development of agriculture of the Russian Federation in the context of economic sanctions Yakovleva A.V., Kokovina V.B. , Stepanova T.V.

pp. 69-79

Management. Environmental management

Analysis and substantiation of organition’s innovation strategy Aleksandrova A.I. , Ostapovets E.A.

pp. 80-89

State policy of improving territorial formations with depressed status Yanova E.A. , Gribanova N.V.

pp. 90-97

Enterprise management in the security system economic security Negreeva V.V., Shchelakova V.A. , Aleksashkina E.I., Ershov L.S.

pp. 98-105

Development of the concept of digital transformation of the system of management of social and economic advancement of the far north region Zajchenko I.M. , Smirnova A.M. , Sharonova A.D.

pp. 106-114

Making management decisions based on a vector criterion in the formation of interrelations between the real and financial sectors of the Russian economy with a view to an innovative breakthrough and national security Zueva O.A.

pp. 115-124

A circular economy: an analysis of the businesses awareness level in the Baltic Sea Region countries Sergienko O.I., Pavlova A.S. , Violetta Savoskula, Meeri Karvinen , Jaana Sorvari , Vaira Obuka , Māris Kļaviņš , Karl Hillman , Sakari Autio

pp. 125-138

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