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2014 (published: 16.03.2014)

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UDC 338

Human innovative capacity in the structure of the innovative capacity of the organization

Makarchenko M.A., Antonov A.A.

  It envisages the way of human innovation resources in the structure of the innovative capacity of the organization. It is argued that human innovation resources is one of the most important components, profoundly influenced the development of innovative capacity in general. The authors analyzed the approaches to the understanding of the term "Innovation capacity" and represented its structure According to the authors, the most comprehensive way of understanding of innovative potential is the complex approach. It is assumed, that assess of innovative potential of the organization is the important part of process of management, which, in its turn, is one of the key moments of the innovative organization. Also contends that it is necessary to pay more attention to evaluating the human resources component of innovative potential, that many modern methods neglect. Components of the human capacity of innovation, such as level of skill, education, knowledge and social-psychological characteristics considered in collaboration with the organizational culture. It takes up the components of human innovation capacity in conjunction with the organization culture. Authors believe, that organizational culture acts as a factor, that forms psychological qualities or supports already existing and developing them. Definition of human innovation capacity is based on the study.
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Keywords: innovation, innovative capacity, human innovative capacity, organizational culture, structure of the innovation capacity

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