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March 2024 (published: 04.03.2024)

Number 1(56)

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UDC 330.341.1

Management of environmentally focused entrepreneurial projects using innovative digital technologies

Litau E.Y. , Kholodov V.V.

The article addresses the matters of the management of environmentally focused entrepreneurial projects in the context of the digitalization of the economy. The study presents two approaches to the implementation of digital technologies: “company-technology” and “technology-company”, as well as their impact on the process of sustainable development. The “company-technology” approach is considered the example of enterprises in the resource extraction industry. The article analyzes how the development of digital mining technologies has a positive impact on the environment. The research identifies the ecological and social effects of the introduction of digitalization in environmental projects of large businesses. This work also justifies that management using digital technologies in the field of recycling of raw materials and it has a significant positive impact on the environmental situation. Management of eco-projects in accordance with the “technology-company” approach is a necessary element for their successful implementation. As an example of such an enterprise, the work considers a project that is an online platform for an environmental social network. This project allows you to involve an unlimited number of participants who want to contribute to the safe recycling of waste under the most efficient economic conditions compared to the traditional waste collection process. The implementation of this idea would be impossible without the development and implementation of appropriate digital technologies. Thus, the authors substantiate that the management of modern projects using IT has a positive impact on sustainable development not only as a result of the activities of large environmental projects but also acts as an integral element in the implementation of newly created enterprises. Research in digitalization is carried out mainly to estimate the economic impact, however, the examples discussed clearly demonstrate that digital technologies can positively affect environmental protection. Therefore, an important conclusion of this study is the need to ensure economic and ecological effects from business activities. This provision fully complies not only with the concept of sustainable development “Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns” approved by the UN but also determines the leading position of market participants, since further development of entrepreneurship seems possible only in a combination of economic, ethical and aesthetic principles.
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Keywords: entrepreneurial project management, digital transformation, environmentally focused projects, project activities, environmental economics, development of modern entrepreneurial structures, innovative management, sustainable development, innovation, market leaders.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2024-17-1-60-68

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