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June 2023 (published: 31.05.2023)

Number 2(53)

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UDC 338.242.2

Problems of management in the field of procurement to meet state and municipal needs

Smirnova I.V., Bizenkova A.A.

Procurement management is a necessary element of the functioning of society, since state (municipal) procurement plays a key role in meeting the needs of the state for goods, works and services. Procurement for state (municipal) needs is used to perform various state tasks and functions (implementation of state programs and projects), including national security, health protection, education, social protection of the population, economic and infrastructure development. In modern conditions, control and supervision of compliance with legislation in the field of state (municipal) procurement is one of the most important tasks of public administration. The purpose of the study is to identify problems in the management of public (municipal) procurement. The result of the study is a list of urgent management measures to eliminate the identified problems, which include organizational measures: advanced training of customer officials; strategic planning of procurement, strengthening control and responsibility for compliance with the law, as well as the use of modern technologies and tools to optimize the procurement process while eliminating the fragmentation of contracts; limiting the size of lots, establishing a quota for participation in tenders for small and medium-sized enterprises, analyzing the risks of consolidating lots; harmonization of interaction and synchronization of the Unified and regional information systems in the field of procurement, as well as regulatory measures: systematization of legislation and legal unity of the contract system; tightening measures to eliminate conflicts of interest to reduce corruption risks in procurement; improving the efficiency of contractual relations in connection with the sanctions pressure on the Russian economy.
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Keywords: management of public (municipal) procurement, contract system, contractual relations, conflict of interest in the field of procurement

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2023-16-2-122-128

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