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June 2023 (published: 31.05.2023)

Number 2(53)

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Trends in non-financial reporting in the sphere of sustainable development control in Russian organizations

Dubrovina M.D. , Maximova T.G.

The article presents the results of a study on the disclosure in corporate reporting of non-financial indicators in the field of sustainable development in the Russian Federation. The aim of the work was to identify trends in non-financial reporting, based on which, in further research, it will be possible to form proposals for improving the ratings for assessing the implementation of sustainable development principles in Russian business. The main research method is a qualitative content analysis of key methodologies, industry reviews, regulations, and reports of credit agencies. In the course of the work, we compared the use of non-financial reporting standards in Russia and the world, identified the main trends in non-financial reporting: an increase in the number of reports on sustainable development, their deepening, the introduction of new reporting formats, changes in standards that led to changes in this area;, as well as changing the structure of reporting on sustainable development in Russia. Trends were identified for a decrease in transparency in the coverage of management indicators due to sanctions pressure, changes in legislation and the changing economic situation. Changes were also identified in the reflection of information on the indicator that evaluates carbon dioxide emissions due to the entry into force and further tightening of regulations in this area. However, the general trend shows that Russian companies are ready to continue introducing sustainable development practices into business processes. The continued commitment to ESG principles suggests that sustainable development has become part of the company's strategy, and the need to integrate ESG concepts into the business model of organizations has become an important reputational factor. This study may be useful for understanding key trends in the field of non-financial reporting for the formation of further methodological or other practical studies.
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Keywords: non-financial reporting, sustainable development, ESG concept, non-financial reporting standards, ESG ratings

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2023-16-2-64-70

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