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June 2023 (published: 31.05.2023)

Number 2(53)

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Prospects and specificity of using the concept of an intelligent enterprise in business

Shevchenko M.I. , Tsukanova Olga A

Corporate information systems ensure business competitiveness in terms of economic instability. The evolution of the concepts, according to which their architecture is built, gives a rise to the new ways of corporate information systems organization. In an era of constantly changing trends and challenges faced by business, the concept of intelligent enterprise appears. It complements the already existing concept of ERP II class systems with new elements, opening up new business prospects for enterprises. The works devoted to associated with Industry 4.0 information technologies research, phenomenon of intelligent enterprise in business and problems of corporate information systems of the future are a base for the current research. There are few works devoted to the analysis of the concept of intelligent enterprise due to its novelty, as well as prospects of using it in business. The necessity of this study is conditioned by the fact that understanding the prospects of using this concept in business allows rationalizing the choice of corporate information system for implementation at the enterprise. The purpose of this study is to determine the prospects and specificity of the use of the concept of intelligent enterprise in business. As a result, the author gives a definition of the concept of intelligent enterprise, briefly lists the reasons for its appearance, and also constructs an architecture model of intelligent enterprise on the basis of this concept. At the end, the author presents a table which demonstrates the relationship between the most significant differences of the concept of intellectual enterprise from the concept of ERP II class systems and prospects and specificity defined by the author.
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Keywords: intelligent enterprise, ERP-system, information technologies, Industry 4.0, corporate information systems development, actual issues of digital business transformation.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2023-16-2-25-34

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