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June 2022 (published: 27.05.2022)

Number 2(49)

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UDC 334.02

Analysis of methods for managing innovation projects of knowledge-intensive companies

Orlova O.P. , Repkin А.I.

The relevance of the analysis of factors and main directions of digital transformation of innovation projects of knowledge-intensive companies is due to the change in the management paradigm, the search for new partnerships, the need to intensify and increase the speed of adaptation of Russian knowledge-intensive companies in conditions of constant turbulence. Innovative projects remain the main way to achieve competitive advantages. Even during the economic downturn, 94% of companies did not cut budgets and did not suspend innovative projects and digital initiatives. The aim of the study is to develop relevant approaches to the management of innovative projects in the context of digital transformation. The objective of the research is to find mechanisms of mutually beneficial interaction of knowledge-intensive companies to create new or change existing systems as a result of efficient allocation of resource costs, accelerating the product to market, achieving leadership in new markets by aggregating the capabilities of actors in the knowledge-intensive sector. The study considers the author's proposals in terms of building an approach to the formation and implementation of innovative projects in the new economic realities. The terminology of Russian researchers and international organizations is reviewed, and the author's definitions of the concepts of «digital transformation» and «innovation project» for knowledge-intensive areas are given. The paper identifies the main difficulties in promoting Russian innovative projects of knowledge-intensive companies in the global market. A conceptual scheme for the development of innovative projects of knowledge-intensive companies in both national and international markets based on global trends in digital transformation and the current situation of the Russian economy was proposed. The application of this approach will level the global tectonic shifts and reduce their impact on the national economy, providing companies with exponential growth.
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Keywords: digital transformation, innovative projects knowledge-intensive companies, innovative project management, exponential growth.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2022-16-2-105-111

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