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June 2022 (published: 27.05.2022)

Number 2(49)

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UDC 33

Economic security of legal entities in the digital economy

Arkhipov E.L. , Boguslav E.N.

At the present stage of development of society, any economic entity requires improvement of the management system, as the volume of analyzed information regularly increases. The relevance lies in the fact that obtaining reliable, complete and up-to-date information makes it possible to increase the level of accounting and information support and economic security of the enterprise as a whole. The article is devoted to the study of the digital economy through the economic security of the subjects of legal relations, as well as hypothetical ways of leveling them. The novelty of the research lies in substantiating the impact of the digital economy on the level of economic security and accounting and information support of an economic entity, which, in turn, contributes to improving competitiveness at the socio-economic level. The research is related to the analysis of trends in the digitalization of socio-economic systems in the activities of legal entities and information flows in general. The paper discusses various principles and methods of strategic management of an economic entity through the digital economy. The subject and two groups of objects of the digital economy are distinguished. The model of the digital economy's impact on economic security developed by the authors is presented, it demonstrates the main threats and risks of information technology development, with an emphasis on the interaction of producers and consumers, state control, as well as ensuring the adoption of operational, tactical and strategic relevant decisions. The introduction of new digital technologies, automated software and the digital economy together plays a significant role in the process of successful development of an economic entity. These elements contribute to reducing the influence of the human factor, the successful implementation of management decisions and the effectiveness of primary information processing.
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Keywords: economic security; accounting and information support; digital economy; information flows; economic security model; digitalization; strategy; information.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2022-16-2-42-48

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