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March 2022 (published: 14.03.2022)

Number 1(48)

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Comparative Analysis of National Systems of Bank Deposit Insurance in the Countries of the European Union, Great Britain, the USA and Russia

Koroleva L.A. , Aleksandrova A.I.

The purpose of this study is to identify typical trends in the development of insurance and the features of existing insurance systems with a high level of deposit protection, as well as to identify the shortcomings of the Russian insurance system and areas for improving development, taking into account foreign experience. The object of the study is the insurance systems of the EU countries, Great Britain and the USA and Russia. The subject of the study is the institutional features of the organization of various insurance systems and the degree of guaranteeing the protection of deposits in the event of bankruptcy of financial organizations or revocation of licenses. The relevance of conducting a comparative analysis of insurance systems is determined by constant changes in the choice of insurance regimes and the very institutional organization of insurance systems in different countries, as well as the variety of solutions in the architecture and regulatory rules. Comparison criteria include such issues as the division of functions in the institutional organization of insurance mechanisms, the level and breadth of coverage of the subject area of insurance compensation guarantees, the degree of state participation in guarantees and compensation, the role of the central bank in regulation and insurance. This study showed the diversity of institutional arrangements for deposit insurance and the differences not only between insurance models, but also between the systems of different countries belonging to the same model. The websites of central banks, international and national regulatory bodies of foreign countries and Russia were used as sources of information. The authors revealed a trend towards a shift in emphasis from guaranteeing insurance compensation to systemic regulation of the financial sector based on the integration of various institutions. Conclusions and judgments are made about the advantages of foreign systems and the possibilities of using foreign experience in Russian insurance.
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Keywords: deposit insurance system, functions of Guarantee Funds, deposits reimbursement limit, state participation in deposit insurance schemes.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2022-15-25-36

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