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December 2021 (published: 08.12.2021)

Number 4(47)

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UDC 334.012

Implementation of a quality management system using lean technologies in the healthcare organization

Vasilenok V.L., Negreeva V.V., Martynenko O.V. , Kochegarova T.S.

The research results presented in the article are quite relevant and are associated with the provision of high-quality medical care, which in the future can lead to effective management of the entire health care system. Importance and significance lies in the fact that the introduction of lean manufacturing technologies in the healthcare sector contributes to the timely response to patient feedback. Earlier, as part of the study, the authors developed an algorithm for introducing lean technologies into the activities of medical institutions. The presented article outlines a clear sequence of implementation of the patient service quality system. Attention is paid to the issue of reliable, open information about the provisions, regulatory documents and federal programs currently being implemented. When introducing lean manufacturing, the question arises of assessing the effectiveness of using the concept in a healthcare organization. The authors propose to use auditors who are trained to conduct internal audits of a medical organization for compliance with the developed quality management system. For convenience and efficiency of work, it is recommended to use a checklist, which allows you to pay special attention to the developed system. The study clarified that the effectiveness of the measures being implemented is based on five parameters: patient satisfaction with the quality of medical services, waiting for the provision of services by patients, time spent by an employee to perform actions that do not add value, staff involvement, and changes in working conditions. Each parameter is assessed by collecting questionnaires from employees and patients, as well as timing. As a result, we get a coefficient that, when compared with the result obtained before the introduction of lean technologies, will show whether the measures used were effective, and if not, what parameters need to be paid special attention to. A clear algorithm and high professionalism of employees will reduce risks and solve problems related to the motivation of both medical personnel and patients and improve the quality system of a medical organization based on lean technologies.
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Keywords: quality management system, lean manufacturing, healthcare, medical services

DOI 10.17586/2310-1172-2021-14-4-92-103

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